Code of Conduct

Dear Sir or Madam,


Linz Textil is an international company in the textile industry. We are innovative and leaders in technology. As a reliable partner, we also behave responsibly towards our customers, suppliers and employees. The present Code of Conduct brings together for the first time in one document the basic rules and principles that are important to us, and which are already applicable for us and will continue to be binding for us in the future. The Code of Conduct applies equally for each one of us – for the board, our managers and for each individual employee in the Linz Textil Group.


Our employees are an important component of our success, thus forming an essential part of our customers’ confidence in us and the good reputation we enjoy. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to set down clear principles in regard to ethics and morality in business life. By doing so we are supporting our employees in the performance of their business activities under their own responsibility. With each individual employee putting these principles into practice in their daily work, the Code of Conduct should become a fundamental component of our corporate culture.



Linz, November 2017



The Board of Directors  


Hermann Wiesinger, MBA MBA                                Ing. Manfred Kern




Code of Conduct Nov 2017.pdf
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