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Linz Textil - the innovative technology leader.

Our sensitivity with respect to the identification of existing market requirements, as well as our capability to create tailor-made products will continue to number among our biggest assets in years to come.We see ourselves as an efficient partner in the textile processing chain and we believe in the future of textiles.

Open-mindedness and reliability - our principles for long-term partnerships all over the world.


Intensive co-operations with leading spinning technology suppliers, as well as with the raw material manufacturer Lenzing AG, form the foundation of innovations in our various fields of application.

The integration of customers into these processes ensures that products are perfectly matched to modern market requirements. On-going checks, carried out by our in-house experts, guarantee uniform top yarn quality, which is vital for applications in the fashion, home and technical textile areas.


Linz Textil - Europe's leading producer of raw white, cellulosic staple fibre yarns.

Our close co-operation with Lenzing AG, the quality leader in the field of cellulosic fibre technology, is a key factor in our competitiveness. Top-grade fibres are processed by means of highly advanced spinning technology to form first-class yarns.

In particular, our customers appreciate the uniform quality and excellent performance characteristics of our products.


Linz Textil uses highly advanced rotor airjet and ring spinning technologies, developed by manufacturers of global repute.

Continuous online and offline monitoring processes ensure outstanding quality standards.

Expert engineers look after a high-tech machinery pool, thus guaranteeing constant production levels.


A wealth of experience in the production of cellulosic staple fibre yarns forms the basis of our products' excellent quality reputation.


Highly motivated and qualified employees, top-grade fibres and high-end technology represent the characteristic features of the quality leader Linz Textil. For us, customer-orientation is not just a slogan, but part of our everyday business activities as a global player.


Our team's efficiency, flexibility and competence ensure functional communication and smooth implementation procedures.


Our quality and application engineers design improved production processes in co-operation with our customers and help to enhance the standard of the final textile products and to develop new items.




High-quality product packaging and careful handling in combination with flexibility and due date reliability round off our range of customer-oriented services.

Quality processes for product handling:

State-of-the-art inventory management, high-quality packaging, punctual delivery.


In 1838, Johann Grillmayr and Anton Woess founded Linz Textil's predecessor company.

As early as 1872, the company was listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.The company's guiding principles have always been continuity, stability and long-standing co-operations. These values are reflected in our day-to-day business.


A far-sighted financial policy, coupled with the declared objective of quality leadership, has constantly represented an integral part of the company's philosophy.


As a consequence, today, more than ever before, Linz Textil is a sound company and strong, reliable partner to the textile industry.


Linz Textil acts in harmony with nature and the environment. We are fully aware of the sensitivity of the ecosystem. Cellulosic fibres, which are extracted from the renewable raw material wood, constitute the bulk of our production.

Humankind and nature.

Raw materials from natural resources as a basis for textiles with natural characteristics.

Humankind and textiles

For millennia, humankind and textiles have been connected by a relationship based on naturalness.


Linz Textil makes constant efforts to match its yarn products to the requirements of people and technology.

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