Investor Relations

Founded in 1838, the company has been quoted on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1872. In 1978 the "Kleinmuenchner Baumwoll-Spinnerei und mechanische Weberei" was re-named Linz Textil AG.

In line with a strategy aimed at expansion and diversification, in 1987 Linz Textil AG adopted a completely new orientation. In view of industrial and organisational considerations, the operative textile unit was disincorporated to form Linz Textil GmbH, which, today, is the group's biggest operative unit.

Subsequently, Linz Textil AG was re-named "Linz Textil Holding AG", in order to undertake holding functions. While the holding company focuses on management, organisation and financing activities, the operative company is primarily involved in the production of yarns, especially viscose, cotton and blended yarns, and a broad range of grey cloth for outerwear and technical applications.

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